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Voice-over/Dubbing Media Interpretation

Here are several examples of voice-overs that I have done

When you produce a video, you need to hire multiple team members, including scriptwriters, actors, videographers, sound engineers. Many hours of acting, recording, and editing are required. To produce the same video in Spanish the traditional way, you could do the same all over again with Spanish actors, multiple takes, videographers, editors, and engineers - not to mention paying for many hours of studio time. Or, you could have the English video dubbed in Spanish for a fraction of the cost.


What if the translation, voice talent, and sound engineering could be done by one person? The savings to you would be substantial, while still keeping the quality of the original product. My background, training, and skills have uniquely prepared me to offer you such a service. I am a Master’s prepared classical musician and have produced multiple recordings.  

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