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Spanish Interpreter Seattle

Pablo Sepulveda

Masterful Interpretation
About Me

Pablo Sepulveda is a Spanish court interpreter certified by the State of Washington. Born and raised in Chile, he has lived in the United States for the past 30 years and worked as an independent interpreter for the past 21 years. He currently works as a legal interpreter in various courts in the region.  He also works as a conference interpreter and as a broadcast voice-over simultaneous interpreter for media programs. In his free time, Sepulveda enjoys exercising and playing flute with his classical music trio. 

Pablo Sepulveda
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Communicating with people who speak a different language has never been as important as it is today. We live in a plural society in which people of limited language ability need to hear what is being said and have their voices heard. Your message and their message are important and we can help communicate it clearly. 

Why Work With Me?

Whether it is a deposition, a medical examination, a conference or a media broadcast I bring years of study, preparation and experience to every job. Every phrase that is interpreted is backed by years of experience. 

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